Monday, 10 August 2009

Exhibitions, Shows and Markets.

* Altrincham Farmers and Crafts Market, (Sep 6th)
*Chorlton Handmade Craft Fair- Craft Stall in Chorlton (August 09)

*Altrincham Farmers and Crafts Market- Craft Stall at monthly market (August 09)

*Blackburn Arts Market- Craft Stall at Blackburn Art Market (July 09)

*FACT Sustainable Fashion Show, Liverpool- Selected for a Sustainable fashion show (May 09)

*Turnpike Gallery, solo show, Leigh- Loose Threads Installation (April 09)
*Affordable Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Stockport (March 09)
*Textile Directory Feature- Featured artist on website for Valentines special (Feb 09)
*Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch- Spellbinding Textiles Exhibition (Feb 09)

*Reebok Stadium, Christmas Craft Fair, (December 08)

*Culcheth Life Magazine- Article featuring ‘Loose Threads’ Installation (Sep 08)
*Premiere Vision Award- One of four designers selected for trip to P.V (Sep 08)
*New Designers, Business Design Centre, London- ‘Loose Threads’ Installation (June 08)
*Liverpool Design Show- Work selected for high profile Craft Show (June 08)
*Alternative Arts Fashion Week, Spitialfield Market, London- One of sixty designers selected to show a collection of recycled garments in a high profile catwalk show (April 08)
*Threes a Crowd- Interview with leading management and lifestyle company (April 08)
*Bradford Textile Society- Received a commendation in Section 1 Class E for ‘an innovative textile design for fashion fabrics, which involves a combination of textile processes’ (April 07)
*Surtex, New York- Exhibited a collection of work at an internationally recognised trade fair (May 07)
*Andrea Aranow, Textile Archives, New York- Selected for a short placement working alongside a renowned textile archivist (May 07)
*Hallmark Live Brief- Designed a range of greetings cards, gift wrap, bags and tags to a given brief (April 07)

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